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Malta Internatiol Airshow 2020 - CANCELLED an go Virtual!

Verantwortlicher Autor: Daniele Maiolo Malta Intl Airport, 28.09.2020, 14:13 Uhr
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MIA2020 Official Banner  Bild: Malta Aviation Society/@Malta Aviation Society

Malta Intl Airport [ENA] On Tuesday 11 August 2020, the Malta Aviation Society committee is forced to announce the cancellation of the Malta International Airshow 2020. The famous airshow was initially postponed to 2021 and for this year it was decided to propose a virtual version.

The committee with an announcement both on social media and on their online platform, following the situation due to Covid19 with an increase of cases at European level and the decision of the Maltese government to ban public events, could only postpone the event to next year. After the airshow was not held in recent years for various reasons, for the third consecutive year the organizers had to make this decision 7 weeks before the event.

This choice can only be shared by all, but it is a further tile on the hardly misguided 2020 season of aeronautical events. Also for this event we will wait for the end of the pandemic and postpone the appointment to 2021, when we hope we could start living our experiences again as we did until the beginning of this year. In view of the rise in covid-19 cases both in Malta and in Europe, the Malta International Airshow is cancelled. Additionally, the decision to ban mass public gatherings by the Government of Malta has had a direct effect on the event. The Malta Aviation Society committee deems that the airshow falls squarely in this category and has thus stopped all preparations for this year's much-awaited event.

From Malta International Airport (Former RAF Luqa Air Base): Daniele Maiolo More info on: MIA2020 Virtual Edition on:

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