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Ebace 2023

Verantwortlicher Autor: Daniele Maiolo Geneva (CH), 10.09.2023, 14:37 Uhr
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Geneva (CH) [ENA] From 23th to 25th May 2023, as every year, the EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition), the main European trade fair for business air transport, took place in Geneva in Switzerland. EBACE brings together business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, flight crews and everyone involved in every aspect of business aviation worldwide.

This year’s EBACE was dedicated to the memory and legacy of Athar Husain Khan, the Secretary-General of EBAA, lost this year, whose passion for business aviation and belief in human connection undergirded the entire show. With Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team Director Toto Wolff and F1 Executive Susie Wolff as keynote speakers since the opening of the event, the EBACE walked its exhibition days with many industry visitors interested in the evolution of the business market.

Even if with an initial and unwelcome “security problem” due to the incursion of climate activists who, bordering on vandalism, attempted to block the event and smear some aircraft on the static display, EBACE 2023 still took place safely and professionalism. Unfortunately, this unexpected event has only created inconvenience for operators and visitors for a few hours, also undermining the security of Geneva Airport, the place where this prestigious European event takes place every year. In the following days, security and controls were significantly increased which, while slowing down our work, reassured the event and the people present.

EBACE 2023, also this year continues its path also linked to sustainability and technological innovation: “At EBACE, we saw how business aviation is reinventing the very technology of flight to take on new missions, serve new customers and connect the world sustainably,” said European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) Chairman Juergen Wiese. “For decades, our industry has pioneered breakthroughs to fly not only further but more efficiently, and at EBACE, we accelerated our incredible pace of innovation.”

Many major European manufacturers such as Airbus, Dassault and Pilatus as well as global aircraft manufacturers including Boeing Business Jets, Cirrus, Honda, Gulfstream and Textron Aviation took part in the exhibition and many of them also brought theirthey also brought their latest novelties both as mockups inside the fair and on the Tarmac of the Geneva airport dedicated to static display. The static display featured 50 of the latest business aircraft on the market, including the new Cessna Citation Ascend, the Airbus Corporate Jets ACJ TwoTwenty, the Bombardier Challenger 3500 and the new Gulfstream G800.

Gulfstream has flown its new ultra long-range G800 (test aircraft) to for EBACE 2023 for the first time, flew from Savannah to Geneva on a blend of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel: SAF has been used for all of aircraft’s flight testing). “By flying the G800 test aircraft to EBACE2023 this year, we are demonstrating the maturity of this program,” said Mark Burns, Gulfstream President. “The G800 presents a compelling combination of high-speed aerodynamics and fuel-efficient engines to decrease emissions and save flying time for our customers. Equipped with our latest advances in technology and innovation, the G800 adds the industry’s longest range to our aircraft portfolio.”

Powered by high-thrust Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines and the Gulfstream-designed wing and winglet, the G800 features enhanced fuel-efficiency and can fly 8,000 nautical miles (14,816 km) at Mach 0.85 and 7,000 nm (12,964 km) at Mach 0.90. At EBACE 2023 we also had the debut of VoltAero’s Cassio 330 hybrid-electric demonstrator. In addition to the version present in Geneva, Cassio will have two other versions with different fittings and more powerful engines.

Among the many projects on sustainability, the presence of Solar Stratos by Raphael Domjan is important. Mission Solar Stratos, is a pioneering aircraft ready to fly to the edge of space using solar energy. Raphael Domjan, founder and pilot of Solar Stratos, stated that exhibiting at EBACE2023 is “fundamental to a mission like this. Solar Stratos is a platform to promote at scale, through our electric and solar aircraft, the potential of solar energy that allows us to imagine a low-carbon and even more sustainable world.”

Among the large companies present, Leonardo Company brought the latest news from the range of exclusive services of the Agusta brand, also exhibiting its AW109 GrandNew twin-engine helicopter in VIP configuration. Career Day Shows Students the World of Business Aviation, European students received valuable career advice at EBACE2023 from some of the best in business aviation, including a meet and greet session with Mack Rutherford, who at age 17 became the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world.

EBACE 2023 welcomed its public by renewing its commitment to innovation and high technology in the world of business jets and related services. Many conferences and exhibitions by experts and professionals in the sector, from sustainability to technological evolution in a world already ahead with development. The appointment with the next edition of EBACE is for next year from 28-30 May 2024, always in Geneva and always between the PalExpo and the Tarmac of the Geneva International Airport. From Geneva (Switzerland): Daniele Maiolo

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