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25th Anniversary Hunter Club Mollis - Switzerland

Verantwortlicher Autor: Daniele Maiolo Mollis GL (Schweiz), 30.10.2021, 16:07 Uhr
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Graffiti Hunter
Graffiti Hunter  Bild: Daniele Maiolo/@Daniele Maiolo

Mollis GL (Schweiz) [ENA] The airshow to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Hunterverein Mollis (Hunter Club Mollis - Glarus, Switzerland) took place on Saturday 4th September 2021 at the airport of Mollis (Switzerland), a "sleeping" air base of the Swiss Air Force - Schweizer Luftwaffe.

Born in March 1996 to take care of the Hawker Hunter Mk58 J-4015 “Graffity Hunter“, donated to the club by the Swiss Air Force, the Hunterverein Mollis has played a leading role in the Swiss aviation environment over the past 25 years. In this quarter of a century, the members of the Hunter Club Mollis have had the ability to organize some of the best airshows in Switzerland and also in Europe, including the now famous Zigermeet which since 2009 has given us fantastic emotions in the Glarus mountains. This year the staff of the Hunterverein Mollis for its celebrations have made every effort, due to the Covid19 epidemic, to be able to give spectators a complete and safe airshow.

With a limited number of spectators, due to the restrictions that the Swiss federal government has issued to combat the Covid19 pandemic, between Friday training and the show on Saturday everything went well and the spectators were able to enjoy a splendid event. Friday day dedicated to arrivals and rehearsal also saw a small exhibition of the Eurofighter Typhoon of the German Air Forces which, shortly before landing, gave some passes to the numerous spectators present. An unexpected surprise for everyone and which was then followed by the training of the various displays present.

In addition to the welcome presence of the European multi-role fighter, in the livery of the 60 years Taktlwg74 "Bavarian Tigers" that delighted the eyes and cameras of the audience present during the two days of the airshow, many other static and flying displays filled the times of the event. Among these was the presence of Patrouille Suisse, the PC7 Team and the Super Puma Display Team that the Swiss Air Force deployed in Mollis to celebrate the anniversary of such an important club. But also many old timers and the Classic Formation by Hugo Mathys, not to forget the stunts of the aircraft of the Fliegermuseum Altenrhein.

Hawker Hunter "Amici Hunter"
Papyrus Hunter
Patrouille Suisse with Papyrus Hunter

The presence of the three famous Hunters still flying over the Swiss skies is unmissable: the Tiger Hunter HB-RVV with its splendid Tiger livery that recalls the Fliegerstaffel 11 of Meiringen; the Papyrus Hunter HB-RVS with the Fliegerstaffel 15 livery and the names of the squadron pilots on the wings; and the "Amici" Hunter T.68 HB-RVR of the "Amici dell'Hunter" Club. Next to them also two de Havilland Vampires who with the pleasant "whistle" of their de Havilland Goblin engines delighted the hearing of the spectators present.

Impossible not to mention the presence of a splendid North America P-51D "Mustang" D-FPSI with the "See me later" livery that sped through the narrow valley where the Glarus airport resides, demonstrating the capabilities of the still efficient and fast engine. Packard V-1650-7 derived from the Rolls Royce Merlin. And finally we also mention the presence both in static and in flight display of the Leonardo Company. The Italian company that recently acquired the Swiss helicopter factory Kopter (which has its hangars right in Mollis airport), has brought the Leonardo AW-189, a medium multirole twin-engine helicopter for the in-flight display.

Two days that gave us back the pleasure of a real Airshow in Switzerland, two days in which we celebrated this important association made up of people who love aviation and continually strive to give emotions to the public during their numerous events. Two days in which we have partially forgotten the misguided months we spent and enjoyed an aviation weekend in its most welcome expression. The appointment in Mollis has now been postponed to Zigermeet 2022 which, thanks to the work of the members of Hunterverein Mollis, will certainly be one of the most awaited events by aviation enthusiasts from all over Europe... From Mollis (GL): Daniele Maiolo

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