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Now are 4, Fourth F35 destined for Italian Navy take-off

Verantwortlicher Autor: Daniele Maiolo Cameri (IT), 13.07.2021, 22:08 Uhr
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F35 - Cameri (IT)
F35 - Cameri (IT)  Bild: Roberto Resnigo/@RobertoResnigo

Cameri (IT) [ENA] On June 14th 2021 the fourth Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II (4-03) destined for the Italian Navy and assembled at the FACO in Cameri in Piedmont (IT) took off for its Maiden Flight supported from Aeronautica Militare Eurofighter Typhoon (36-53) from 36° Stormo.

And now are 4: this new aircraft for the italian Navy (4-03) took off with the support of a Aeronautica Militare Eurofighter Typhoon (36-53) of the 36° Stormo di Gioia del Colle for its Maiden Flight. The aircraft tested is the short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL), version called “B”, and will be assigned to the Cavour aircraft carrier (C550) where it will be part of the 10 STOVL aircraft which, alongside 12 helicopters, will be the embarked Air Group (GRUPAER) planned for this ship.

FACO Cameri (IT) therefore produced the 18th example of a 5th generation fighter aircraft for Italy, demonstrating more and more the high technical and production capacity of the Piedmontese high-tech industrial structure. Production of the F35 fighter is slowly overcoming the global crisis of Covid19 and increasing its presence month by month in the world air forces and in activities such as those carried out by the Italian Air Force in the Estonian skies for the protection of European airspace.

In these days, among other things, Switzerland will also have to decide which model of new aircraft for air defense it should buy, following acceptance by referendum by the population to purchase. The choice involving 2 European and 2 American models sees the F35 in the front row for the purchase. Swiss experts have considered it as an air defense aircraft that with its new technology would lead to considerable savings for military expenses for a long term. Meanwhile, both the Italian Air Force and the Italian Navy are seeing an increase in the aircraft fleet with the new fifth generation fighters thanks also to the intense work of the Novara industrial structure which excellently supports the requests of the Italian Ministry of Defense.

And we want say again “And now are 4.” - From Cameri (IT): Daniele Maiolo Best Shot Aircraft – “The Easy Way to Fly High”

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