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Now are 4, Fourth F35 destined for Italian Navy take-off

Verantwortlicher Autor: Daniele Maiolo Cameri (IT), 13.07.2021, 22:08 Uhr
Presse-Ressort von: Aeronautics and Aerospace Bericht 1166x gelesen
F35 - Cameri (IT)
F35 - Cameri (IT)  Bild: Roberto Resnigo/@RobertoResnigo

Cameri (IT) [ENA] On June 14th 2021 the fourth Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II (4-03) destined for the Italian Navy and assembled at the FACO in Cameri in Piedmont (IT) took off for its Maiden Flight supported from Aeronautica Militare Eurofighter Typhoon (36-53) from 36° Stormo.   [Full story...]

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